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Dancer and production manager

Birth Date

August 7, 1923


Arrival in Las Vegas



Date of Interview

May 5, 1997

Biographical Text

Ffolliott LeCoque, better known as Fluff, made history in the Las Vegas entertainment industry. She became famous first as a dancer on the Las Vegas Strip and then working as a manager at the show “Jubilee!” at Bally’s.

LeCoque was born in Butte, Montana in 1923. Her love of dance started when she was seven-years-old and began dancing lessons. She officially began her career as an entertainer during World War II when she toured as a dancer. However, LeCoque’s first visit to Las Vegas was as a singer with Chuck Gould’s Orchestra which was working at the Last Frontier Hotel. She left Las Vegas for Hollywood for a brief time and performed in various productions in California. She returned to Las Vegas to work as a dancer at the newly opened Thunderbird Hotel. She was crowned Miss Thunderbird and appeared in advertisements for the hotel.

While working at the Thunderbird, LeCoque joined a touring group run by producers Donna Arden and Ron Fletcher. The group toured the globe. This also marked the beginning of her relationship with Donn Arden, which brought her back to Las Vegas and the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino.

She retired from dancing in 1970, but went to work as a manager with Donn Arden at his show “Jubilee!” at Bally’s in Las Vegas. She has worked at “Jubilee!” for more than twenty years and has become a staple of the Las Vegas entertainment industry.


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