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Caryll Batt Dziedziak


Women in Nevada History: A Legacy Digital Project


Women's Research Institute of Nevada (WRIN)


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Historian and expert on Nevada's Equal Rights Amendment Campaign


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Caryll Dziedziak was born in the middle of a snowstorm in Buffalo, New York. Over the years, she slowly migrated away from the northeast and ended up in the Southwest in 1986. She loves all the outdoor adventures available in this climate and enjoys hiking, running, golf – or anything that gets her outdoors.

Her first career choice was nursing. Before moving West, she worked as a pediatric nurse, but knew that it was not her life’s ambition. During this time, she and her husband began raising their three sons.

After arriving in Las Vegas in 1991, she returned to college and completed degrees in both History and Women’s Studies at UNLV. Nevada has provided her with many opportunities. She has enjoyed teaching the introductory Women’s Studies course at UNLV and has been active in several statewide women’s organizations.

In 1999, she helped co-found the Women’s Research Institute of Nevada (WRIN). Over the years, it has been exciting to experience the transition of a vision into a reality. In 2008, she resigned from WRIN in order to complete her Ph.D. She has remained very involved since, often leading the "Women's History" workshop for NEW Leadership Nevada and assisting with events.

She graduated with her Ph.D. in History from UNLV. Her dissertation, entitled "The Gendering of Nevada politics: The ERA Ratification Campaign, 1973-1981." discusses the political and social climate in Nevada during a heated time in the state’s history.

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